Internet Connection And Wireless Networking Technology

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An internet connection is essential in a computer system. It enables one to search for information, communicate with friends and family, and share personal files and documents to other users. It also provides entertainment through online games and social networking sites. Because of the continuous expansion of internet use, Information Technology (IT) specialists continue to create innovative ways to provide internet access to every computer owner.

A computer unit is connected to the internet by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP gives an ISP number which serves as a gateway to the internet. ISP numbers vary for every computer unit connected to the internet. Usually, ISPs require monthly fees in maintaining internet connection.

ISPs provide three types of internet connection: dial-up, broadband, and WLAN. The dial-up connection is the oldest service system of ISPs. This utilizes a dial-up modem that is connected to a standard telephone line. Older computer models come with a pre-installed dial-up modem. To establish a dial-up connection, one must dial the ISP number in the telephone line to be able to connect to the internet. Dial-up connection is the cheapest and slowest service system offered by ISPs.

Broadband connections utilize Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and cable modems which connect a computer system to the internet. It is a kind of high-speed internet connection which enables you to browse webpages and download files faster than a dial-up connection. DSLs and cable modems give you access to the internet at all times. However, a new kind of connection is now provided by ISPs with the invention of wireless networking boston, Massachusetts provides IT solutions for connection problems).

In wireless networking boston ISPs generate internet connection using radio waves and microwaves. Wireless local area networking (WLAN) cards and wireless routers are used in linking computer systems for file sharing, as well as in connecting computers to the internet. WLAN is typically known as Wi-Fi. Recently, public transportations and establishments have started offering Wi-Fi internet connection for various portable devices like PDAs and laptops.

In the invention of wireless networking boston network and information technology landscape will continue to evolve. IT specialists continue to find innovative ways on how to connect computer systems anytime, anywhere in the world.
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Internet Connection And Wireless Networking Technology

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This article was published on 2010/11/04