Speeding Up the Connection in Rural America with Satellite Internet

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For those residing in urban areas throughout the country, high speed internet connection has become the norm, with households having at the very least a cable or DSL internet connection. However, in many parts of the country such as rural and more remote, mountainous areas, households have to rely on dial-up internet connections because of the lack of traditional broadband internet in these regions. However, with improvements and adjustments in satellite internet technology, these households can now enjoy a high speed internet connection as an alternative to the slow speeds of dial-up internet.


Because of the sparse populations in rural areas, internet service providers find it unprofitable to set up the necessary infrastructure in these regions. The costs of the infrastructure needed for high speed internet will not be worth the few subscriptions among the sparse population. As a result, very few internet service providers will provide their services in these regions, leaving rural households to depend on alternative forms of internet that is often less dependable and significantly slower. Satellite internet was initially established to provide a means of communication among areas where reliable means of communication was scant, particularly in war-torn areas. Because satellite internet technology relies on the satellite orbiting the earth to emit an internet connection signal, you can receive a signal from virtually anywhere throughout the country. Rural and remote areas in the country are thus the primary benefactors from this technology. Instead of relying on dial-up internet connection, they can now have a high speed internet connection from satellite technology.


With satellite broadband internet, rural households can enjoy many new capabilities that previously were not available to them via dial-up internet connection. Dial-up internet enables internet users to do basic things, such as checking their email accounts; however, with many new applications and innovations in the internet world, a dial-up internet connection simply no longer suffices in order to fully enjoy all that the internet has to offer people to make their lives either more convenient or more entertaining. Satellite technology ensures a high speed connection that allows people to fully enjoy all these new applications and capabilities. Video streaming allows people to enjoy entire episodes of their favorite television shows or full-length movies. With NetFlix providing many shows and movies directly from their website, a high speed internet connection allows you to take full advantage of their services. Moreover, if you live in a rural and remote area, keeping connected with your family that may live in another part of the country is difficult. The video chatting capabilities that is only possible with a high speed internet connection allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones, much more interactively and cheaply.


Overall, the high speed internet connection that satellite internet provides its rural residents ensures that they can rely on the internet to make their lives much more easier like they never could before. It keeps them connected with family and friends. It keeps them entertained with movies and games. And it simply makes their lives much more convenient.

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Speeding Up the Connection in Rural America with Satellite Internet

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This article was published on 2010/10/01