Wired Versus Wireless Internet

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It is important to know all the types of internet connections before deciding on which one to acquire. You will have to do a lot of consideration, especially if this is the first time you are looking to connect to the internet. One of the first things to consider is whether to go with a wired internet connection or a wireless internet connection. In order to make the right decision concerning this, you need to know the similarities and differences they have.

Wired internet connections are available in DSL, dial up and cable internet. In most rural locations, the dial up internet service is still the most common type of service, which cannot be compared to the high speed internet, such as broadband, that are readily available in major towns today. DSL connections are much better than dial up connections in some cases. However, DSL requires you to be as close as possible to the central office, because the further you go from it, the worse the connection will be. This can, however, be made better by using fibre optic cables to replace the main lines as well as the usage of signal repeaters. Wired internet connections are suitable for residential areas and this is because the disruptions do not happen often.

Wireless internet connections, on the other hand, have also started to become popular. With this technology, signals are received from a tower to a modem which will act as a receiver in your computer. The wireless signals for this technology are quite strong, but can be affected with things such as line of light and different weather conditions. Your location may also determine the strength of signal you will get as things such as trees and tall buildings will greatly affect the quality of the wireless signal you get.

Voice communication is one of the most popular activities today. VoIP is the platform that is used for voice communications and this will require software applications such as Skype, Yahoo, Vonage and Magic Jack, among others. Wired internet connection will require wires being set from the transmitting centre to your home or office. This will mean that you will have limited freedom as compared to wireless internet connection where you can move from one place to another so long as you remain within the networks radius. Wired internet connections also take a lot of time and energy in setting up as compared to wireless internet connection, which is fast and easy to set up.

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One of the first things to consider is whether to go with a wired internet connection or a wireless internet connection.

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Wired Versus Wireless Internet

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Wired Versus Wireless Internet

This article was published on 2012/02/16